Sightseeing in Bikaner

One of the top travel destinations in Rajasthan, Bikaner is known as the royal city of Rajasthan which was founded by Rao Bika in 1488 CE and since then Bikaner has become the fourth largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Experience the lifestyle of the royalties in this princely state. Sightseeing in Bikaner is a pleasure to sore eyes and rich in culture , heritage and history.

You can soak up the royal heritage of Bikaner by a visit to a few of these must see places in and around Bikaner.


Junagarh Fort – Junagarh fort, built by Rao Bika, the founder of Bikaner city, in 1478, is famous for its magnificent structure and intricate carvings. The Temples, rooms, banquet halls, numerous gardens, balconies, etc., depict an amalgamation of different architectural styles influenced by the various rulers’ cultural differences and foreign inspirations over time. The fort is truly the epitome of architectural marvel. 

Rampuria Havelis – Built around the 1400s for the wealthy, influential merchants – The Rampurias’, these haveli’s are famous for their grandeur, intricately carved ‘jharokhas,’ huge courtyards, a fascinating blend of the Mughal and Victorian architecture. Bask in the beauty of Hotel Bhanwar Niwas, the grandest and most magnificent of the Rampuria Havelis, which is now a world-renowned heritage hotel. Savor in the years of legacy and architecture. The interiors are even more regal, decorated with golden work and one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

National Research Centre on Camels  – Known for producing the best riding camels in the world, Bikaner, in the desert state of Rajasthan. It is also known as the ‘Camel Country’ as it hosts one of the largest Camel farms in Asia. This camel breeding farm is one of the best attractions in Bikaner. Founded in 1984, it is home to various types of camels in huge numbers. Visitors can also enjoy camel riding and camel safari here.

The Royal Chattris of Devi Kund Sagar – Devi Kund is one of the most popular attractions in Bikaner. This site is the royal crematorium with chhatris (cenotaphs)dedicated to the memory of rulers of the Bikaji dynasty. The Cenotaphs are made of Red sandstone and marble and are marvelous pieces of art and architecture. These cenotaphs bear carvings depicting acts of Gods, floral patterns, birds, and animals. 

Karni Mata Temple, Deshnoke – This temple was built under the reign of Maharaja Ganga Singhji in the 20th century. There are a few legends attached to the temple’s creation. The temple is famous for the approximately 25,000 black rats that live and are respected in the temple. One can spot a white-colored rat once in a while, which is considered holy. It is believed that this rat is a manifestation of Karni Mata herself. The temple is about 30 km away from the city. 

Jorbeer Sanctuary –Jorbeer conservation sanctuary is a vulture sanctuary. It is a dumping ground for farm animals. Jorbeer has become a visiting ground for the predator birds such as falcons, vultures, etc. Despite being an unusual place, this sanctuary is an exciting place to spot endangered bird species. 

Dune Bashing – A visit to the dunes during the winter months is a treat for tourists. Jeeps are used to run up and down these dunes. Camel Safari, Musical night, folk dance are a few activities that can be arranged here on request by the hotel help desk.