Family Trip to Gaj Kesri- Sameer’s POV

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“Chilling out on the bed in your hotel room watching television, while wearing your own pajamas, is sometimes the best part of a vacation.” – Laura Marano



Gaj Kesri is a fantastic place to go on a vacation. One of my most cherished holidays so far. Traveling from Bangkok to Rajasthan was so much fun and exciting to absorb the cultures of both countries.

Gaj Kesri boasts many features; my favorite being the brick pattern courtyard with attractive ‘broken tiles’ (mosaic) patterned flooring, grand guest rooms with super high ceilings, and beautiful artworks. The TV room was the most exotic, especially the wall painting of a safari. The sunsets against the grand facade of the main building are such a magical sight to sore eyes. It feels like living in a home from history, with modern facilities. My brother Ranveer and I felt like young royals.

Being a vegetarian, I was in heaven at Polki multi-cuisine restaurant. The variety of food and snacks we ate throughout our stay was incredible. I tried the Rajasthani thali for the first time. There were so many options; I could barely finish the whole thing. My favorite was Bajra roti with ghee and jaggery. 

We also tried Indian-Chinese, Italian, Lebanese food over the next few days. Another spectacular dish was the continental sizzler. The whole meal was a gastronomical experience. We started with french onion soup and garlic bread, followed by some gratin, and then arrived at the individual steaming hot sizzler platters. There was a cutlet, vegetables, french fries, grilled tomato, and pasta salad. One of my most satiating meals to date! We devoured the Chocolate chiffon pie as dessert. My mom had it with her espresso from Coffee and co. She said that it was one of the best desserts she has had in a long time. I paired it with vanilla ice cream, and it was perfect.

I met with the chef and interacted a lot with the staff over our meals. They all were warm and charming. My little sister Simmy started throwing princess-like tantrums, and everyone found that so amusing!


Gaj Kesri is an oasis in the middle of a desert. Pristine green lawns, huge swimming pool, vast open spaces to run, it was a dream for a sporty kid like me. The eastern gardens called “Nain Sukh Gardens ” were perfect for my brother, sister, and me to run about and play cricket, badminton, cycling, and tag. Our evenings were spent chilling in the pool with all sorts of fries, burgers, and pizza that could liven up a young teenager’s eyes 🙂

The hotel hosted an ATV bike ride, camelback ride, Sand dune bashing, tour to the Bikaji bhujia factory, visit the old fort, and a walking tour of the ancient city followed by hi-tea at their sister hotel: Bhanwar Niwas. They have an extensive list of activities for families. We were a family of five and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After my long, fun-filled days, the musical evenings at Gaj Kesri were so exciting for us. Their three-piece band had a singer, a guitarist, and a drummer who were outstanding. In the beautiful courtyard under the twinkling stars, the soulful music was so relaxing. My mom also sang a song, which was lovely! Later they also sang some pop songs, and I danced a lot with my dad. 

My mom and dad had spa reservations at Ananda one morning while my brother, sister, and I had signed up for a Yoga session. It was pretty relaxing and calming, especially after the numerous activities we were doing in the past few days. Simmy was such a show-off in the class.

I had a marvelous stay at Gaj Kesri, and I will never forget it. The ever-smiling and helpful team of staff made our trip memorable each moment.


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Hi, My name is Sameer K. Daga. I am 10 years old and live in Bangkok. I love traveling, food, and writing health tips blogs.