Artist’s residence at Gaj Kesri

” If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.”
By J.K. Rowling.

As a creative person, there’s a lot we take into account before we start working. It’s not only factors like proper lighting, a quiet room, our kind of music, or an exciting subject; we don’t realize just how much a particular place, town, city, or even country takes part in helping us create great works of art.

As a student of art and a passionate writer, I will not resist bringing light to a specific place situated on the outskirts of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Hotel Gaj Kesri, a massive bright red sandstone property with beautiful little ‘Chatris’ visible from a distance, is an inspirational property between the dunes of the desert. With many luxurious facilities for guests such as spacious and well-decorated rooms, a swimming pool for a dip in the heat, and an elegant restaurant serving delicious food, known to bring happiness to local visitors and foreigners.




It would not be wrong for me to quote; that at certain nooks and corners at this magnificent piece of architecture, it’s easy to lose oneself in its grandeur and greenery amidst the desert.


Even before the sun rays greet you, the vast stretch of Neem and Khejri trees envelop you in a warm hug. The dew settles over the plants and leaves in the morning, waking up interesting artsy thoughts in your head. I spent many mornings, thinking, scribbling ideas in my journal with a warm cup of coffee,  right outside ‘Mohini Mahal,’ a ten-room wing of the property. I sketched happily and welcoming all the unfiltered and unedited voices as ideas.


As the day went by, I chose to either work on writing material for my projects in my cozy room, outlooking the vast and green “Nain Sukh Gardens “. Fancy a book? There are many books to read, arranged thoughtfully, in different rooms of the property. As I look at it, this feels like a vacation for my mind, creative side, and soul. I could feel the sand entering the hourglass of my thoughts throughout the day and bringing in the feeling of peace and calm.


Evenings are magical at Gaj Kesri, and I enjoyed setting up my easel at the grand arcade. Being an avid photographer also, I thoroughly enjoyed clicking some lovely pictures here.


It may come as a surprise to you how nature never forces anything out of you. It understands you and syncs with your rhythm. You notice the blanket of the sky changing its colors, and at nightfall, you find yourself engulfed in darkness, beaming at the night sky where the stars are dancing.


 As J.K.Rowling has mentioned in her set of novels, when one seeks something with such passion, a magical place is bound to open its doors for you. Here, at Gaj Kesri, I found the essence of my soul, like magic.


So long, Gaj Kesri!  It’s not a goodbye, after all.