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An intimate dining experience

“My dad gave me the greatest gift anyone could give anyone. He believed in me .”

It takes a creative eye to turn a dinner into an unforgettable experience.
It was all I could wonder as I sat down to dine with my father at a rather beautiful location inside the premises of Hotel Gaj Kesri. It was Father’s Day, and he surprised me with the idea of dining on top of the arcade structure at Gaj Kesri. The team left no stone unturned to make it very exciting for us.

The month of June; a breezy day and just the perfect setting one would want during a hearty meal full of sweet surprises and timeless chatter. Just as the sun was setting, our excitement was brewing like a hot pot of tea. After a day consumed with work, we looked forward to our father and daughter special dinner; even for dad, it was getting hard to conceal his enthusiasm. The sky had lost its color, left with only a veil of bright stars along with a sharp crescent moon. We preceded the beautifully arched arcade, the red structure not looking less majestic than the building of Gaj Kesri itself.

Walking up the steps, two smart stewards greeted us with a small wildflower bouquet. A table laid out with a mouth-watering set of eateries like onion rings, club sandwiches, cutlets, cakes, and chocolates awaited us. Our meal went smoothly, and so did our chit-chat. We had lots to talk about as I was studying in Bangalore and he was in Bikaner. Our Conversation exchange was fun, and the meal fabulous.

The night was silent, welcoming the sounds of our laughter and the clinks of our cutleries. Being the adorable dad he is, he beamed brightly when I offered to click some selfies of ourselves, capturing the moment and missing my younger nieces while doing so. Our meal ended with some delectable coffees from Coffee & Co. Dad enjoyed his Baileys while I sipped my Latte. The playlist of songs played was fantastic. We enjoyed quietly watching the facade of the magnificent Gaj Kesri in the stunning night light.

Alas! It was time to leave. We complimented the staff for the great food and for making our experience extra special. As I recall that day, it was the most heart-warming supper we both had together.

I thank Gaj Kesri for gifting us and many more like us , these small moments of happiness. We took back with us that day – a lingering taste of our delicious meal, happy conversations, some lovely dreams, the scent of the trees, soulful music and the warmth of the breeze and most importantly , the thought that my Dad believes in me today and forever . 

This experience will stay with us always. I HEART YOU Gaj Kesri !